Google My Business

As a service provider or a small business owner with physical location, you’re probably looking for ways to get noticed in local search results. Today, loads of tactics are being used to rank well on search engines. Aside from content optimization and getting quality links, another piece of the SEO puzzle that you can pick is putting your business on the map. 

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is an essential tool that will enable you to find out how your business appear in Maps, the Knowledge Graph, Google+, and organic search results. 

There are many factors that determine rankings. The three most important ones are relevance (how you fit the search intent of the customer), distance (your proximity to the searcher), and prominence (the activity around your business). 

How We Can Help

Bizgro can offer you a hand in managing your listing and how your business information is presented to Google users. It all starts with filling in your details - your NAP (name, address, phone), opening hours, photos, etc. 

With the increasing number of internet-savvy customers, securing online reviews is a great way to stand out from the competition. We will make it possible for your customers to leave positive reviews and keep the conversation going. 

And if your business has multiple locations, we can also set up the pages and list all the addresses of your branches. You will receive regular insights to see the impressions your listing got over a period of time. We will update and maintain your account, and make it awesome!