Bizgro, Hope & Happiness

September 4, 2017

All of us at some point have had the blues. Happiness seems to be ever-increasingly escaping the community as the world speeds up and our patience approaches zero. … For many business owners, the paperwork gets out of hand and then the ATO and other debtors start calling them. This causes stress. Furthermore, they see their margins and the patience of their customers wear thin.

Bizgro is not focused on growing the profits of businesses – it is focused on growing the owners/managers of businesses. How?

Bizgro Bookkeeping gives LIFE. It helps them sleep at night and focus on more important things like management and business development

  • If you are not measuring, you are not managing. Even if the financials are bad, they at least have a chance of making decisions to improve them.
  • The business owners time is more valuable than using it doing bookkeeping – even if they are a trained accountant!

Bizgro Marketing gives HOPE. An accountant’s advice is less than half of the financial picture. Often it is sell out, sack or save. In other words, “Give up”.

  • Marketing is the food that feeds a business. Without it, there is no business and no service to others.
  • Marketing is creative and fun. Marketing says … Get up, Dress up, Make up, Go up. Marketing allows a business to say “Yes” more and experience more of life. With marketing a business has places to go and people to see! Marketing is giving hope to others which inspires them to pass on that hope (i.e. pay it forward).