Genuine Marketing

August 1, 2017 | Stephen Bazley | Subscribe to the Bizgro Marketing Blog

“Marketing is telling the truth attractively” – as heard from Peter Daniels. To me, marketing is opening yourself up to the world – which is risky – and being proud of what you can give and serve others with. I also believe that if a business is not marketing it will have poor customer service. We should always be willing to give with no expectation of a return. That doesn’t mean we should never ask for remuneration for our goods and services. It just means that we have enough of our own self-esteem that we don’t need outward affirmation (paid or unpaid) that we have given enough.

We can’t help or appeal to all potential clients. We should not be so proud that we believe that everyone must utilize our services. Competition is healthy like a game of tennis. It wouldn’t work if nobody played unless they won every time. Business and life are the same; we have to breathe in AND breathe out. Sometimes letting go, being honest and telling the world what you can’t do well does more for your credibility than always painting a perfect picture of your business. People are not dumb, everyone knows people and businesses aren’t perfect. So tell the truth … attractively.