How To Measure & Manage Customer Feedback

September 4, 2017

What is the best way to measure and manage customer or client feedback?

There are lots of helpful services available online including AskNicely - - and Client Pulse -

We have used Client Pulse for a very short time and received good feedback to improve the business and client relations.

Before you plan to use this software, make sure you spend the time and money to actually call your customers and clients and make changes. Remember that these services generally involve a monthly cost and if you don’t follow-up and use the services regularly it may do the business more harm than good.

At Bizgro Marketing we can make those calls for you if you don’t have time or we could setup a campaign for you with one of the 3rd party cloud software services. We do more that just websites and marketing in general – our aim is to help you grow your business, that is why we’re called Bizgro!