Online Engagement

September 4, 2017

Online dating has become very successful to many. You probably know someone who has found a life partner from a dating website. I do (hehe). After reading this blog, you will never see online engagement the same again!

So you find your life partner (maybe online), you get a job or start a business, and then life becomes a little more tricky. To some, it's like walking on a tight rope. Regardless, most of us have to deal with balancing work and your personal life. 

If I get 'turned off' in any way ... part of me dies

For small business owners, it is impossible to make this separation. When 5 pm comes around, business owners and many managers can stop doing work and start thinking, about work. Friends and family say to 'just switch off' when you get home. I know for me if I get 'turned off' in any way - or part thereof - part of me dies and it can't just get 'turned on' again - at least immediately. It is like pulling out a tomato plant overnight and replanting it in the morning.

Why do we even think it is possible to switch off part of our brain and switch on another part? It's like trying to install both Windows and iOS on the same machine and run them together as one entity. That may never happen, even with Steve Jobs buried. Furthermore, I don't imagine it will be ever possible. If it was, then it wouldn't be Windows and certainly not iOS. So, I repeat, why do we think our brains are running two operating systems at the same time? They aren't. You can't separate business from pleasure.

That is how I define 'engagement'.

So how do you stay focused on your business without having to 'stop' or switch off and enjoy your personal and family life? It's easy, live in your work and work in your life. 

When you sever the relationship between your job and home each day, life becomes frustrating because it is like trying to separate your left brain from your right brain. That's bullshit; you can't do it. I say it's OK to talk about work at a social gathering and talk about your family at work. In fact, if you do, it will help both. That is how I define 'engagement'. 

Business is any relational exchange between people. 

So, you want results from your website. But don't just get down to business and forget about human emotion. As I have mentioned, tell the truth attractively. Notwithstanding, treat your website visitors with respect, allow them to get to know you - the personality of the business - and get to know them as a person. You can't ask your website visitor to say the night on the first date.

Business is any relational exchange between people. As a result, business is transacted between people rather than between corporate entities. Thank God people have emotion else nobody would have a life.