About Bizgro

Early Beginnings

Founders of Bizgro - Stephen & Charmaine Bazley - both grew up in small towns on farming properties, and both developed an interest in business matters. As a result, the name Bizgro was born.

Bizgro Bookkeeping was the first company to arrive. It continues to serve over 150 business entities each month keeping their accounts in order. However, a bookkeeping company is useless to many start-up businesses with no revenue.

Bulls & Bears

Furthermore, at the time (2002-2010) the internet was changing quickly with Apple introducing the world to the iPhone and cloud computing becoming common place. Website content managements systems like Wordpress came along; computing power continued to rapidly advance along with the software such as the Adobe range of creative products. Many small businesses heavily connected to the IT industry could not keep up with the changes, especially after the global financial crisis.

The only way Bizgro could secure reliable and efficient marketing services such as website and graphic design was to start Bizgro Marketing.

Now Bizgro Marketing benefits from all the developments of IT industry and the experience of its sister company Bizgro Bookkeeping.

Happy Days

Bizgro Marketing is now bringing many small businesses rapidly up-to-speed with the benefits of online marketing. The marketing services of Bizgro is welcome to many companies who in the past could not afford or know how to embrace online technology.

Finally, the technology gap between small and medium size business is narrowing. Small businesses can now enjoy the benefits of online marketing that once only larger enterprises had.

A Vision of Hope

In a similar way that Christmas brings hope, peace & joy often after a difficult or busy year, it is the vision of Bizgro to be your hand up out of the rat-race of business and it's busyness.

Unlike Christmas, we are not offering spiritual tranquility once a year. We are offering real tangible human help to you and your business.

Experience Bizgro and your stress will lower and you will rest easier. Take Bizgro on and learn how to grow your business; as we are at your service: and it will be a great relief to you. We are easy to work with, and we will lighten your load.