August 2017  |  Meet our Team

We aren't actively recruiting for a particular position right now. However, we are always looking.

Many of our team members first made contact with us at least several months prior to joining our team.

If you are interested in employment at Bizgro then we'd like to know about you.

What we look for in a candidate


Be proactive, take ownership, turn up, be early and be reliable.


Be productive, be accountable, learn quickly and be efficient.


Be professional, express leadership, be ethical and responsible.


Imagine being them & then listen. Be patient, kind & nice. Finally, serve.

Talent we look for


Skills in adobe, photography, video, sound or website layout design. Writers, illustrators, musicians, actors, story tellers and comedians.


Enjoys research & development, experiments, failing forward, maths, Excel, programming, databases and data analytics. Practices healthy habits. An understanding of business and accounting would be helpful.

Sales People

Telemarketing, social media, online advertising or face-to-face sales. Must be persistent and consistent. Familiar with CRM software such as SalesForce or working with a database such as Access may be helpful.

Project Manager

Can plan, prioritise, produce & complete tasks and projects. Must meet expectations of budget, time frames and deliverables. High level of skill in time management, mentoring, training and managing teams. An understanding of current project management methodologies such as agile and lean may be helpful along with online software such as Slack, Trello, Asana and G Suite.

Client Manager

Respects others has a positive mental attitude. Must be persistent and consistent. High level of skill in time management. Familiar with CRM software such as SalesForce may be helpful.


Experience in marketing, PR, branding and psychology. Understands what premium service is. Respects others has a positive mental attitude.

What Next?

If you are serious about finding a job then don't stop now. Start to develop your career at Bizgro by following the links below. 
We hope see you on board soon.

1. Email your resume, CV, LinkedIn Address

Send to Stephen Bazley at

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