Phone Numbers

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Bizgro serves customers Australia wide. Telstra NBN provides our data connections for our IP phone system and our mobile phones.

Local Areas

If your Australian city, suburb, town or rural location is not listed here, visit our list of customer locations where we service.

Our phone system is hosted by VoIPline based in Sydney.


07 4687 3100


07 3800 3100

Easy Dial Phone Words

Your phone plan provider won't charge you for calling us. Also, We don't charge for sales calls and we're happy to offer some free advice and help from time-to-time.

Phone words are great for advertising on radio and any place you need it to be quickly remembered. We know how you can purchase or rent them at low cost.

1800 Number


Free Call

1800 249 476

1300 Number


Free Fixed Line

1300 249 476

Staff Direct Lines

Reach our team members at their desk. If the person is not available, you can choose to leave a message or go through to reception.

We have over 10 paid employees, so it's likely you'll get help from another team member who can give you their undivided attention.

Stephen Bazley

07 4687 3151

Joshua Willson

07 4687 3152

Esther Hung

07 4687 3157

Derek Jones

07 4687 3150

Shanelle Forbes

07 4687 3101

Charmaine Bazley

07 4687 3111

Staff Mobiles (Cell Phones)

For urgent calls and your convenience, we have listed our work mobiles. We may not be able to answer them 24/7, however we may be able to reply to your text if we are busy.

If your call is urgent, try another mobile or our main office number. Our mobile phones are on the Telstra network.

Stephen Bazley

0448 747 088

Joshua Willson

0414 619 084