Business Card Design

A great brand should be consistent with all the other aspects of brand identity. This extends out to your business card.

While digital marketing, social media, and search engine optimisation do a great job in attracting prospects, business cards are an effective direct marketing tool for your business. Think of a situation where you’ve got your networking pants on and at some point you need to hand off your contact information. When you have a business card, you’re not going to fumble around with a pen and paper. It makes you look professional. Not only is your first impression important, it could also lead you to a great business partnership or simply help you make money.

What makes a good business card?

  • Contact details (phone + email), valid URL, QR code, and social media channels should be readable
  • Logo, fonts, colours, and other design features are consistent with the brand
  • Unique design that’s suitable for your business or profession and able to deliver its purpose

We can help you make the best possible impression in three ways:

Business Card Design – Custom-made and creative business card for your brand

Logo Design + Business Card DesignA stunning logo and business card that will impress your potential clients

Branding and Design Solutions – Transform your brand with our wide range of design services

At Bizgro, we design business cards that will entice people to learn more about you. We take your core business values and express them in a creative manner. Call us at 07 4687 3100 to discuss your new brand or design project.