Logo Design

Want a logo that shines? Need a logo that distinguishes you from among your competitors.

​Bizgro can help you create a logo that you can be proud of. We can create an image that is tailored to your needs and promotes your business. It can reflect your beliefs and values of your business. The time spent in developing a logo is worth it as it helps with your overall marketing plan and provides the foundation for the style and colours of your brand and website.

While a logo is important, at the same time, we are aware that the sooner you get into business and generating revenue the better. We can efficiently design quality logos. During our design process, we provide many concepts from different designers. Once you have chosen your favourite designers and logo concepts, we validate the logos by surveying a group of individuals through an online poll. This provides valued feedback so the logo concepts can be perfected. This process results in the creation of stunning logos that have meaning for you and your market place.

Bizgro's priority is to grow your business. So whatever your budget, we can help you develop a logo.

Here are examples of some bronze logo designs:

  • Eldridge Help
  • Sapphire Singers

Here are examples of some silver logo designs:

  • Armacoat
  • Gold Soul Solutions

Here are examples of some gold logo designs:

  • Roving Studios
  • Frontier Transport