Types of Websites

Websites have different purposes and uses. What will yours be?

Despite the growing demand for online presence, many small businesses still don't have a website. A survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that 63 percent of microbusinesses and 41.9 percent of small businesses don't have a web presence. Among medium-sized enterprises, around 19 percent are not present online.

Right now, your gut is probably telling you it's time to build your business website. And you've come to the right place! In today's Internet-driven consumer marketplace, it's essential to have a plan for establishing your brand or selling your products and services. This means you need a website that's designed to achieve your marketing objectives.

There are several types of websites that businesses can use, such as corporate, brand-building, and eCommerce. Website builders including Wix, Google Sites, and Squarespace come in real handy. You'll also have to choose a content management system like WordPress and Joomla to design your site.

  1. Portfolio resume website - A portfolio website is a great place to showcase your work and helps you land on your dream job. Because of the flexibility of a website, you're able to express your personality by choosing a design, layout, and copy that you write.
  2. Blog - Over the years, professional blogging has increased in popularity. It can be in any topic written in an informal or conversational style. Usually, it is run by an individual or a small group.
  3. Personal website - This is good for creating an online journal and sharing photographs. You know - a place where people go to read about what you do, your goals and aspirations, and more.
  4. Brand-building website - This one needs a little explanation. As the name implies, a brand-building website is developed with the purpose of building a brand, instead of selling any product.
  5. Content website - The primary purpose of a content website is to keep its readers hooked on topics that appeal to them. It distributes original content of any creation. Examples are Wikihow.com and Dotdash.com
  6. Corporate website- Businesses these days need a website to ensure they appear credible and professional. They may not sell directly on the website but rather use it to share information about themselves.
  7. Gallery website - This can be commercial or non-commercial website designed for artists, photographers, and museums, just to name a few.
  8. Community website - A website may also serve as a virtual place to share thoughts and ideas with like-minded people. It can increasingly become a go-to destination to engage a specific group, club, or organisation.
  9. Religious website - A custom website for religious groups can help anyone interested in their association to easily find them. It's a great place to publish photos, activities, group information, and more.
  10. School website - Today, it's important to have an interactive school website to help both students and faculty members stay up-to-date on school activities, improve learning, and bring the classroom alive. It can also be a promotional tool for school services and facilities.
  11. Information website - Typing anything on Google will produce a selection of websites that are informative and are intended to educate the general public. Most government, nonprofit, and educational institution have an informational site.

What kind of website should you make for your business?

When categorising websites, the list could literally go on forever! The type of website or functionality you have in mind for your website will help in determining how we create it and whether it will be built, developed or custom coded.

You may still be wondering "what type of website does my business need?" We're glad you asked! Contact us today to help you make the right decision. Let's work together to discuss the best website solution for your business.