Community Website

While most business owners would like to have a website, some may not have the time, ability, or inclination to maintain one. To have some sort of presence on the web, internet-savvy entrepreneurs can develop a community-based website where you can feature local news and information and have a directory of participating local businesses and professionals.

Each business will have a dedicated page within the site to advertise their products and services. It’s like a virtual mall where participating businesses will pay a monthly membership fee that includes fixed services, and additional fee for premium services like accessing web tools and other member benefits.

In this kind of setup, print advertisement can be used. You can hand out flyers to local businesses in your area or advertise on newspaper in order to get more members.

Your chamber at work

Community websites are a win-win situation for participating businesses because they get a space on a fully functioning website without spending too much. It also facilitates business referrals and networking.

Moreover, community residents can also benefit by getting local news and information, along with convenient access offered by community businesses.

And as the advocate who formed the organisation, you get to build and strengthen the economy while harnessing support and nurturing lasting business relationships.

Be the voice of thousands of business professionals in your area, giving them valuable resources and connections to help them run a successful and profitable business. At Bizgro, we’re always working to support local entrepreneurs. Start a community website today!