Gallery Website

Making art is a passion. Creating paintings, sculptures, drawing, and photographs are all exciting to make, yet time-consuming. Then you still need to market your work, build a brand, or sell artwork, products or services.

At Bizgro, we create beautiful, clean gallery websites to showcase your artwork.

And if there’s one thing we always say to our clients is that the internet holds enormous value for creative individuals. Creating a gallery website is crucial for building your fanbase, promoting shows, and selling your pieces. These days, there is no longer a barrier between the artist and the masses. Having an online presence allows your work to be discovered and shared, which is a step away from the recognition you’ve dreamed of.

Start creating your gallery website

Whether your career is just starting or if you’ve already have a huge following, Bizgro has a solution for your creative work. As soon as you get a domain name and reliable hosting provider, making the best gallery website and choosing a template for your artwork will come down to the specific features and content you plan on showcasing.

What pages does a website for artists, photographers, and other creative people need?

Most site visitors look for certain information on your website to know more about you, so make sure that all relevant details are available to the following group of people: your target audience who want to see your workmanship, purchase from your site, or use your services, press who may want to give you a spotlight, and agents who are interested in booking you for exhibition, shows, etc. We build these pages to your website:

Home - The homepage is your chance to make a good first impression. We place all the necessary information about you and your craft and include navigation menus, welcome messages, and more.

About or Bio - We make your bio page accurate, expressive, and appealing to your target audience. An obligatory photograph of yourself would be nice in this area as well.

Artist Statement - While your bio page is all about you, your artist statement must be all about your work. We recommend mentioning about how you align your passion and skills, the medium and materials you are drawn to, and what motivates you to do what you do.

Portfolio - This is the heart of your website and a place for your treasured collection. There are a lot of gallery templates with customizable features which are perfect for a wide variety of creatives. Your work can be in photo or video form, or you can explore other interactive media to suit your individual style and taste.

Exhibitions - We put a dedicated page for all your upcoming events where your patrons can experience your work.

Press/Reviews - A good press/reviews page on your website will make sure reporters and journalists can get everything they need quickly and seamlessly.

Contact - The contact page is another important area of your gallery website. In addition to using a standard contact form, make sure to list all social media profiles where they can connect with you.

If you are a lover of beautiful, artistic things, creating a website will be no different. In fact, it’s a fun project to make. We work in all industries including artists, art galleries, museums, photographers, studios, and other creatives. Get started today!