Information Website

The primary objective of an information website is to inform readers about certain topics. For instance, if you're a non-profit institution, your goal is to spread the word about your charity and its mission, and perhaps, request visitors to pledge a donation.

While most organisations are receiving donations, some may not get as much needed funds because of how the message is delivered. The need for a persuasive copy and an inventive web design that will hook the donor's attention are crucial.

On the other hand, educational and government institutions all require a large volume of information disseminated to a broad and diverse audience.

Bizgro is skilled in creating user-friendly information websites for government, educational, and non-profit institutions. In Australia, there are hundreds of charities and government bodies, all with varied needs. We can help you with the right information architecture and interface to effectively cater a broader demographic.

Our web development team is focused on creating:

  • A user-friendly interface
  • Well-designed site navigation
  • Responsive and accessible website design
  • A website that passes stringent accessibility compliance tests

The end result is a website that works well for the core audiences and for the institution. Call today and learn more about our website design solutions.