Personal Website

Since the beginning of the web, online diaries have been popular. This is where you can write about yourself in a more personal way, which is the exact opposite of an online portfolio or a business blog. Here, you can post entries daily, weekly, or monthly about what’s going on in your life.

Perhaps you’re a business person trying to deal with your stressful life, or a parent who likes to talk about your kids. Maybe you are battling an illness or a survivor. Setting up a personal website for the world to see is a great way to relieve your soul.

You can tell your readers about your thoughts, ideas, or something you strongly feel about. The list of topics you can write is endless. Some examples are literary work, poems, pets, wedding, travel, hobby, and sport. Or, it can be a site written to help others with topics like health or well-being and a cause you support.

Take your online persona to the next level

At Bizgro, we build a personal website focused on your passion and individuality. We incorporate all the tools you need such as photography galleries, social media integration, and blog.

By having a personal website that is separate from your business, you can present yourself to the world with total control of your content. But that doesn’t mean it’s not business-related. Who knows, you may land on sponsorship, speaking engagements, or even media recognition for your advocacy.

Your personal website built by a pro

Whether you’re sharing your project (or even cat pictures) with the world, you’ll be surprised how simple the process is.

1. Start by choosing a platform and website template.

2. Upgrade to a custom domain name and email address.

3. Once it’s done, we can upload your photos, texts, videos, and help you on your content, from keyword research to editorial calendar planning, and publishing your post.

4. Get new visitors and spread the word about your website through search engine optimisation and content marketing.

Our team has helped people like you bring their personal website to life, and we’ll guide you through every step of the way. Contact us and let’s create your personal website today!