Email Setup & Marketing

Emails have proved their value over the years, holding their place in the marketing industry. With an email address being almost an imperative for business and day to day communication, having a list of relevant emails is a sure way to connect directly with almost anyone who owns a computer.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Improve your reach - It gives you the ability to distribute information to a targeted email list and allows you to "push" the message to a wide range of audience, as opposed to waiting for them to find and visit your website.
  • Ensured delivery - You can effectively track key metrics such as bounce messages, click-throughs, and more.
  • Email fosters long-term relationship - It could potentially lead to repeat business affordably and automatically.

​Bizgro can help you build up a list of subscribers relevant to your industry and send out emails that will get read. We use reliable email marketing software and automation tools that have been around for a long time and proven to convert traffic into leads.

We don’t send cliche email pitches. Our focus is to craft a good, niche-specific email content with persuasive subject line. You will not be picked up as a self-promoting spam-bot by your subscribers. It’s our job to win their trust, earn their respect, and convert them into loyal customers.