Messages On Hold

Sometimes putting someone on hold is your only option. Give your customers a reason to stay on the line by sharing insights and information about your business, instead of making them listen to elevator music or a dreary silence.

According to a study by Stan Rapp and Tom Collins of Maximarketing, 88% of callers preferred recorded messages over other hold options, and 20% said they’ve made a purchase based on an on-hold promo. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to entertain your callers with the possibility of making that extra sale. All it takes is the right script, plus a little bit of creativity.

A thoughtfully-developed message on hold will allow you to:

  • Build an overall impression of professionalism and great service
  • Alleviate the caller’s stress of waiting
  • Answer typical questions your callers might ask
  • Showcase your existing products and services
  • Keep your customers informed about new offers
  • Improve your sales
  • Decrease the possibility of hang-ups
  • Create a positive customer telephone experience

What can your message on hold contain?

  • Basic information about your business, including opening hours, address, and fax number
  • Seasonal promotions and limited-time offers
  • Event notifications for upcoming sales, trade shows, sponsored events, and charities your business is involved with
  • Preparatory messages reminding them of the information or documentation needed on hand for their call

Customised message on hold from Bizgro

Creating message on hold for your business has never been easier. Our audio production specialists will combine your messages with licensed music on hold that complements your brand.

At Bizgro, we speak to your callers in a captive voice and inform them in a way that they will love doing business with you. We will greet them with a professional voice whether it’s voicemail, telephone prompts, or advertisements. Don’t let their holding time be a waste of time. Get started today and we will show you how the right message on hold can boost customer satisfaction.