Authors & Story Tellers

Being a writer takes time and commitment. And after producing a masterpiece, you still have to find a niche audience for your novel or article. This is where a website can really help. It can act as a go-to resource for all the information about your literary life. A place to share writing samples, photos, news, and links to all of your social media channels, and book retailers in one place.

In order to be successful in today's publishing world, we understand the need of having a web presence, strategy, and well-defined goal which varies from one writer to another. For some, it's building a following. For others, it's selling more books, getting media coverage, or something else. Here at Bizgro, we craft a unique plan guaranteed to reach your desired results. We offer marketing and website content writing services for:


As an author, having an online presence is vital. Publishers no longer have the resources to fund an authors marketing campaign in its entirety and as such it is important that you establish yourself online.

Whether you are an indie author or New York Times bestseller, Bizgro is able to work with you in creating an author website to draw attention to your abilities and work. We can incorporate must-have features such as a blog and online store to make the most of your online exposure. As we design your site, we keep both aesthetics and functionality in mind.


With a wealth of experience in blogging and site design, the team at Bizgro can assist you in the design of your blog and the creation of content. We offer marketing plans to help drive traffic to your blog and assist you in reaching your target audience.

For experienced bloggers we offer our assistance in redesigning your blog to increase your online presence and assist you in gaining recognition from big brands.

Do you feel overwhelmed when you think about marketing your book or establishing yourself as a professional writer? Do you want to be seen as an expert in your industry? We've got you covered! Leave your website design and content marketing to us, and we'll take care of all the details to help get your book into the right hands and create a better reader experience. You should focus on writing, not worrying about technology or any marketing tasks.

We do everything from ideation to launch, including branding and site strategy, outlining a content plan, optimising your site, and promoting your book. Plus, we will monitor the analytics and provide expert insights on what to improve. We will continue to enhance your website so that it grows with you as you publish more books and blog posts, join literary events, and more.