Blog Writing

There’s quite a history behind blogs. They’ve been around for a long time and go by the monikers “weblog,” “online diary,” and “personal webpage.” Now we simply say “blog“ as a short form for biographical web log. It was quite personal and interesting. Of course, it didn't take long that this 'interest' in the blog was monetized. So the blog for most is a vehicle for marketing their products, services or opinions.

Make Your Blog More Useful

It comes as no surprise that part of the attraction to the blog was its interactive nature. Visitors to the blog could leave informative, entertaining, and even controversial comments that often need moderation.

The die-hard bloggers are likely to be upset with the marketeers muddying the waters of their pristine stream of literary creativity. On the other hand the marketeers may argue that they have made the blog famous by writing relevant content that the majority of the niche audience who are willing to sacrifice their time to read.

It is easy to back both camps. There is no correct way. Certainly many more people have joined Facebook to meet a similar need of the personal blog. But Facebook doesn't live on fresh air and they too utilise advertising opportunities for businesses. Newspapers started out being just full of advertising. Then later the papers included social articles. One could argue that today's news articles are just PR pieces for paying organisations or news candy to attract more viewers to gain more revenue from advertisers. The reality is that in any media both are likely to always co-exist. The creative writer one day will need to be fed.

Blog Posts Done Right

How do you utilise a blog in your business? How hard you push the commercial aspect is up to you. We recommend that it should be persuasive, informative or entertaining. Don't write an empty story full of commercial bait. Write something of value and action-inspired.

Fuel Your Marketing Campaign

Getting your content done at Bizgro is the easiest way to have awesome articles posted on your blog. Each blog post we write for you is professionally-written, search-engine optimised, and custom-tailored for your audience. With 15+ years of experience, we can create a compelling content that will hook your readers and keep them wanting more.