Category Page

The category pages of your online shop are like mini home pages for all the products you carry. It allows a customer to view information for a set of products in one page. Having an attractive category page can help generate interest and draw new shoppers in.

The Right Way to Categorize Your Products

Some questions you might have are along the lines of "what details should be displayed for each individual page of the product?" or What goes only on the product page?" To answer your question, it is important to consider the amount of information you provide on the category page. The keyword here is "concise" - keep it short and accurate but complete.

Quality images are also important to make your category page stand out. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and using images can help lessen the amount of product information you need to display.

Many category pages have important functions like a dropdown list which allows customers to select how many products they want to display at once, and quick-view to help them get an overall impression of the product at a glance. Another feature that can make your category page more effective is the sorting option. This will make your website easier to navigate as your customers can narrow down and filter products that is best suited for them.

Turn Your Category Page into a Conversion Funnel

For an eCommerce store, every visitor is a potential customer. We want to help you succeed and convert visitors into buyers, starting with optimising your category pages. Our goal is to bring more shoppers to your site and provide a valuable on-site experience.

As a professional eCommerce agency, our services are integrated and focused on the solutions you need whether it's designing category pages, writing content, or enhancing customer engagement. Do you have a project in mind? Let's talk!