Product Descriptions

If you run an online store, no matter what industry you are in, you cannot underestimate the power of an enticing product description. It should come as no surprise that a profitable store is often the one that offers a product listing that buyers are looking for, one that is informative, builds trust in the store, and convinces them why the product is the best one out there.

Get more sales with persuasive copy

Your product description should not only give your customers all the information they need to know, but also trigger a desire to take action right away and make a purchase. The secret: It should solve their problem and assures them that it is the right solution for them.

And that's exactly what we can help you achieve. We write persuasive copy that highlights a mix of features and benefits so it speaks with your customer's everyday concerns. We analyse how your products can fulfill their wishes and desires and how you can save them from the trouble and hassle. We take the time to learn what they secretly dream of, and that's where the magic happens. You get more sales. Your business will grow.

Why choose our product description writing services

Here at Bizgro, we know how to get your customers excited about your products. You can count on our product description writers to enhance your brand and add a creative spark to every project.

  • Get found on search engines - We understand what it takes to get on the first page of Google. We write product descriptions that dominate the internet so they are found by the people looking for them.
  • Entice potential buyers - We only publish sales-driven product descriptions that turn prospects into paying customers.
  • Grow social traffic - We create product listings that can be shared across your social media channels, generating more targeted traffic.

Whether you are an Amazon seller or online business owner, we make sure your products are presented with ideal balance of information and surprise. Overall, you can expect a copy that "clicks" with your target audience, which means higher conversion for your business. Hire a professional product description writer now and give your products a voice!