Bookmarking & Content Curation

Creating a viral content and increasing your popularity usually require a lot of effort than just pressing the publish button.

The first thing you want to achieve is to bring in tens of thousands of visitors to your website. If you don't promote your content on social bookmarking and content curation sites, Bizgro can help improve your brand visibility and get you in front of people you would have never attracted otherwise.

Grow Your Audience and Keep Them Coming Back

When it comes to promoting your content, we use a rigorous outreach strategy. We integrate bookmarking and content curation into your SEO and digital marketing strategy to get more traffic to your website.

Social bookmarking is such a cool concept that allows you to organise all the best content you find on the web. What makes it unique is that other people are ranking and tagging your submissions. So you have to make sure you’re sharing awesome content and if you make it to the first page of a site, you may be overwhelmed by the huge amount of traffic!

Speaking of overwhelmed, there is a lot of information on the web and it can be difficult to keep up. But with bookmarking sites, you can quickly access new resources and use your RSS feeds to stay on top of what’s happening around your industry.

Many of the top bookmarking sites are all credible sources and can help you gain qualified visitors. Aside from targeted traffic, backlinks from authoritative bookmarking sites are highly valuable and crawled by search engines, allowing your content to get indexed much faster. Moreover, content curation networks are similar to bookmarking sites, but with a focus on finding and sharing articles and other content.

Taking Google algorithm and guidelines into consideration, you can use the following sites on a regular basis:

  • Pinterest - Launched in 2010, Pinterest made a splash in social media and bookmarking world. It is a great platform to discover, save, and share visual content. Be sure to optimise headlines and images in your website to make it bookmark-friendly.
  • Digg - Another high-authority bookmarking site, you can expect a lot of traffic from Digg if your content is shared, voted up, and makes it to the home page.
  • Flipboard - As an app for aggregating content, Flipboard compiles news and other content in a magazine-style format. You can create your own magazine on just about any interesting topic and create visually appealing, uncluttered digital content. Because it has such an aesthetic appeal, people would want to read them. You might want to try it for your own projects or organisation!

These networks are a hotbed of inspiration and creativity for people seeking ideas and by integrating them to your social media marketing plan, you'll open up new channels for driving brand awareness, customer engagement, and website traffic.

Contact the professionals at Bizgro for a marketing campaign centered around your specific needs. And of course, if you found our website useful, kindly share this on your favourite bookmarking and content curation site!