Social media, blog posts, websites, and other channels have become the sought-after solution for promoting business. From a curator's perspective, there's another popular destination for finding content - Flipboard. It's an app that gives a sleek interface to view all the articles, photos, and links that you gather from around the web.

For small businesses, Flipboard is a powerful tool that offers a unique way for your business to showcase itself. We recommend the following creative ideas for your next project:

  • Monitor your industry - Use Flipboard to cover industry trends to show that your company is on top of its own niche. Collect content from authority websites and prominent sources in your field to keep tabs on a specific subject.
  • Curate a magazine - You can also start your own if you can't find a magazine for your industry. Just think of a catchy name so it will stand out from all the similar magazines in search results. This will definitely establish your expertise and increase your credibility within your audience.
  • Create a product catalog or brochure - Take your best products or content and showcase it on Flipboard for your existing and potential clients. You can pull in content from your website or add articles that you find useful.
  • Do market research - You can use the platform to put together a private magazine and collate the latest articles from your competitors. Use the information to gauge what they are up to and how they are positioning themselves.
  • Tell your story - Highlight your company's work or how a customer has benefited from your business by collecting stories/content including press mentions, blog posts, videos, and even customer feedback.
  • Brainstorm ideas - You can utilise Flipboard as a collaboration tool and invite contributors to a magazine easily. Each member can contribute ideas and help curate content to keep you all up on industry-related news, competitor insights, and press coverage for your company.
  • Jazz up your newsletter - A custom Flipboard magazine with a collection of links that you customers and fans might find useful is far more easier on the eyes.
  • Create digital magazine handouts - If you have a speaking engagement or conference, your attendees can be given the link to your magazine and then subscribe from their own Flipboard. It's a great way to nurture important contacts from your events.

Content curation is an essential part of a digital marketing plan. When it comes to managing your campaign, you might find yourself stuck in a rut. To learn more about effective content curation strategies, get in touch today