With so many social media networks available for small businesses, you might be wondering why you need to use Digg as part of your marketing campaign.

Just like Reddit, Digg was set up with the aim of allowing users to share captivating stories and comment on what others are sharing. The content can be trending news, product launches, press releases, and more - anything that would go viral and be of interest to others. As a free social discovery service, its users help surface great content by digging (or voting) interesting news and online content that are then featured on the main page of the site.

6 Effective Ways to Use Digg for Business

  1. Set up an excellent Digg profile - We create your business or personal account, depending on your requirement.
  2. Get high-quality backlinks - We submit your best original content and optimise it with a catchy headline that will draw people in. We make sure you are getting traffic back to your business blog.
  3. Do not spam - The SEO benefits of Digg not only attract readers but also spammers. Many submitters use automated software and scripts to continuously digg their own posts. We will never ever get into such bad practices as it may hinder your reputation.
  4. Engage with Digg's community - Add value to the community by digging stories that are related to your niche. The more active you are, the more your profile will appear and hopefully, be followed by people with similar interests.
  5. Sponsored stories - Digg offers a variety of advertising packages to help you get your content found. One of the most popular choices is where you can have your stories displayed as a news article along with standard content on the site.
  6. Be awesome - Instead of simply linking to your products or services, we recommend writing an informative blog post that explains how your products might be useful to your readers. If the story is entertaining enough, it will start to gain traction on Digg. In turn, more readers will be converted into customers. The more awesome your content, the more engagement and traffic you will receive.

If you're thinking about using Digg to drive traffic to your blog, company website, or online store, contact us today and let's start a new project together.