As marketers, we are big believers of regularly publishing content across multiple platforms. It's an effective way to increase your traffic and build your web presence. Aside from the main social networks, there's another content platform to add to the list... and that's Medium.

Medium is a place to read articles, a powerful blogging and content syndication platform to date. It was originally conceived for individuals wanting to tell their stories online until brands have experimented with it and made it a place to amplify their voice.

Why use Medium as an additional distribution channel?

  • You can create your company blog within Medium, use your business name, and add a link to your profile.
  • It builds your overall search visibility. Publishing your repurposed content on Medium means you show up for a greater number of queries on search results.
  • You can connect your Facebook and Twitter account on Medium which means your social connections become part of your network. This will be useful in building your audience on the platform. And the bigger your network across different sites, the more power you have to drive traffic.
  • You can engage in other people's posts to gain traction. This also sparks an idea for your next content in order to attract a similar audience.
  • Medium allows you to embed other content on your stories like Slideshare presentations and YouTube videos. Use this to your advantage to drive up your engagement statistics, boost your authority, offer more value, and keep readers on the page for longer.
  • People can follow specific tags which can then help you reach a targeted audience.

As a dual-purpose blogging tool and social network, Medium can offer you a much greater web presence. If you need help putting your content to work, don't hesitate to drop us a line!