Reddit is an entirely different world compared to Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks. Reddit is the 7th most visited site online and goes by the slogan "the front page of the internet". With millions of users visiting the sought-after social news platform daily, it can be a powerful tool to build buzz for your brand, product, service, or website.

Get Involved in Your Community

The fact that it is user and community driven contributes a huge part of its appeal. Brands can take advantage of this by assigning consumer advocates and managing relationships with their audience. Setting up sub-Reddits (or niche categories for discussion) is a great way for small businesses to funnel customers with questions or complaints into the right channels.

Similarly, the sub-Reddit capabilities enable you to create a vast network. One popular sub-Reddit could lead to a host of sub-Reddit pages on similar topics, all related to your business. The wider the network is, the more crowd you can draw attention from.

Finally, because it is such a user-driven community, you can encourage a unique level of interaction by letting users submit content in a topic they are passionate about, making them proud and loyal to your brand.

Stay Up-To-Date With Your Industry

Reddit not only thrives on social media outreach but also on user submissions. By following niche related threads, you'll discover fresh information, upcoming trends, and most importantly, what the crowd wants. Of course, you can also contribute great content. Think about a topic that your target audience might be interested in, then make sure you share original and unique content with call-to-action to get some genuine engagement.

Overall, Reddit is a thriving community with much to offer and that's why you should try it. We help brands with Reddit and many other social media channels. Contact us at Bizgro and tell us about your project!