If you had the chance to promote your brand on a site with millions of users, would you do it? What if this site caters to a younger demographic which represents your ideal client persona?

For brands with strong visuals and a greater need to reach an audience that's more interested in sharing content rather than creating, Tumblr should be worth a shot.

Why Tumblr?

Tumblr is the digital home of over 345 million accounts and the perfect space for anyone who desires to publish short, attention-grabbing multimedia posts. Most of the users are under the age of 25- you're at the right place, if you're targeting students and teenagers.

The benefits of using this microblogging site and social media platform are many. Here are some of them:

  • Brand strengthening - As a microblog, your profile can have a custom domain name and theme.
  • Short-form, fun and catchy posts - Your Tumblr serves both as a blog and social network that's useful for posting creative images, audio, video, or short pieces of writing.
  • SEO friendly - Your content gets indexed by search engines which can then increase your online visibility.
  • Audience building - The right mix of content draws attention and deepen the connection with your audience
  • Special digital presence - If you are organising an event, such as film festivals or conference, or if you want to establish awareness of a timely topic, you can create a special purpose Tumblr blog with a significant impact.

Tumblr can be a fantastic addition to your already established social media marketing plan. It offers a wide range of untapped opportunities for even stronger brand presence and influence. Contact us if you need to effectively merge Tumblr into your existing digital marketing strategy.