The great idea you’ve been looking for might be where you least expect it. While Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks allow you to market your business in a variety of ways, Flickr is a great place to showcase your brand using images and videos. This isn’t the place to make a hard sell but you can still use it to join groups, discover new things, and establish authority.

Flickr is one of the best social networking sites for easy photo storage, sharing and organisation. Used in conjunction with other social networks, it can be used as a great resource on all major sites. If you are using Flickr as a personal photo album, you can expand your horizons especially if you are a photographer, artist, or a small business owner.

3 Creative Ways to Use Flickr for Business

Visual story telling – You can tell your brand’s story and share behind-the-scene photos and product images. Your employees and customers can add to your growing number of captured memories, while allowing your marketing team to easily grab high definition images for your next blog post or campaign.

Providing stock photos – If you take plenty of interesting photos and your goal is to build brand recognition, then providing stock photography on Flickr is a good strategy. You can share your passion with the world and create a Flickr account full of pictures that people want to use. We at Bizgro will help you do it all. We enhance your photos, make them more visible, and create optimised short descriptions that would best go with your images. Aside from using keywords, we also do inbound link building and place a link to your website, blog, or other social media platforms so people can find you.

Finding stock photos – If you maintain a blog and are in need of photos to accompany your article, Flickr is a fantastic source. Just make sure to give proper attribution for the photo. Or you can use a Wordpress Plugin such as PhotoDropper which allows you to search and import Flickr photos right from your blog editing tool.

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