Instagram Management

If you're contemplating on using Instagram to reach prospects and increase revenue, you're at the right place! Our Instagram management service offers our clients the chance to visually tell their brand story and connect with their audience. This photocentric social media platform allows you to attract, engage, and convert your followers into customers.

Instagram has grown leaps and bounds with 500 million monthly active visitors and 4.2 billion likes on posts every day. With this kind of traffic and engagement, it should come as no surprise why we recommend your business to create a presence here.

Our methods revolve around these components:

  • Determining your Instagram audience - Just like in any platform, identifying your target audience is essential before starting a campaign. We narrow down your target audience based on these factors: age, location, gender, interests, motivations, and pain points.
  • Competitive analysis - We conduct a quick audit of niche related accounts to see what types of posts get the highest amount of engagement, what hashtags they are using, how often they are publishing, and other pertinent information. This will serve as a benchmark as you implement your campaign.
  • Setting up an editorial calendar - On average, brands post about six images per week on Instagram - that's a ton of selfies! But it also means a lot of opportunities for businesses to use this fast-growing social network to promote their brand. As a marketing agency, we keep track of all the content you need to post and make sure your business is catching up.
  • Building a consistent brand - We refine your visual content, captions, and hashtags to match your brand personality. We aim to post images with a narrative in mind.
  • Establishing a dedicated fan base - There are many ways to do this: offering deals, discounts, contests, and other promotional offerings and interacting with your followers.

Stunning visuals combined with a marketing strategy based on clear goals and measurable results. Grow your Instagram at Bizgro today!