Website Monetisation

You’ve been wanting to turn your website into a profitable money-making machine. Or maybe you’re looking for ways to maximise your revenue and cover some of your operating expenses. 

Either way, you stand a chance to make extra dollars though website monetisation. It refers to the loads of methods used to convert site traffic into revenue. One of the most popular ways is subtly placing Google Adsense on your website. This will allow brands to display a combination of ad or link units on publisher sites like yours, then Google handles the rest. You get paid whenever someone clicks on an ad. 

Adsense tends to be popular with bloggers but businesses do use it, too. However, it's possible that too many ads might turn your customers away, so you need to consider how the ads will appear.

How does Google Adsense work?

  1. You make the ad space available by inserting the ad code on your site and choosing a designated space where the adverts appear.
  2. Advertisers bid in an auction to show in your ad spaces. The highest paying ad will show on your site.
  3. You get paid and Google handles all the transactions involved.

It’s a pretty straightforward process but many sites fail because they fill their website with ads even before they get a loyal following. They add little value to the web and we don’t want that to happen on your website! We want you to be as high on the value chain as you can. To generate more revenue from your website, see our list of digital marketing services.

Here's what you need to get started:

  1. A Google account - most likely you already have one if you have a Gmail address or if you're using Adwords
  2. Phone number and postal address associated with your bank account
  3. A website or blog with original content that complies with Adsense program policies

Start your Adsense campaign today! Our monetisation powerhouse ensures you get traffic to your website and a valuable user base. We take the time to produce quality content, grow your audience, and improve conversion strategy. By creating value and not placing too much emphasis on profits, you will eventually gain authority and the money will follow.